What was Dr. Dave Doing 7 years ago...sitting in a gym in Pune, India watching Gord play in the Junior World Championships

What was I doing exactly 7 years ago, on the 17th of August 2009? This is a photo of me sitting in a gym in Pune India watching a game in progress against Iran, where most of the Iranian 18 year olds on the court looked in their late 20s, or early 30s. You will notice the  neck brace. On June 6, 2009 I had been in a car accident and ended up with fractures of C4, C5 and C6 You can view footage of the accident site on Utube...just type in Koootenay Pass crash.

The final days of Olympic competition...August 16, and 17, 2016

Most of our time on the 16th was spent at Canada House watching athletic events on the big screen TV and talking with other athlete’s families. Swimmer, and rower supporters were thinning out and more and more track supporters were filtering in. All of the families of the volleyball team are speculating as to which team will show up for our game against the Russians, our A team, or our B team. Hopefully it would be the team that beat the US on day one.


August 15, Canada vs Italy

The morning started slow with my spending several hours catching up on my blogs. We were all tired from our lack of sleep the day before, and no one was moving before 11. Alicia and Ruth went over to the mall to wander a bit, and pick up some red nail polish to be suitably decked out for tonight’s game. This will be a big one, and decide whether we go on or end the exciting journey. After they returned, we applied our Canada tattoos to our faces and debated about what else to wear.

August 14, 2016...A day on Cruise

It’s tough to book events from Canada during the Olympics for days when you don’t have games, when you don’t know in advance the times the team will play. As it turned out, Ruth booked a tour of the islands around Rio a month before we actually came to here. We had already rebooked it once after a game that started at 10:30, so decided to try and make it this time. After Canada won their game against Mexico, we just had to watch the next game between the two Titans, Brazil and Italy. What a game…many of the rallies crossed the net five and six times before a decisive play ended the point.

August 13...Canada vs Mexico

Another game day…this one where we have big hopes for a three-set win over Mexico! Things in our pool have become more and more confusing with every team but Italy getting into the losing mode. At this level of play with this caliber of teams and players, it is obvious that one has to bring your A game to a match, and even then, are not guaranteed a victory. The A pool has now been nick named, the “Pool of Death”.


August 12, 2016...a day off volleyball

August 12, 2016 was another day off from volleyball, and we were supposed to go on a tour to cruise the Rio shoreline and go through the islands offshore. It was after 1 when we got home the night before, and when Ruth got up and called at 6:30 this morning it was obvious that we were not going to make it to the pick-up location by 7. The cruise line actually rebooked us for a later date and we slept on.

August 11, 2016...Canada vs France

August 11, 2016 started with a text that our luggage was in Rio and the airline had made two attempts to deliver it. We brought google translate messages to the management of the complex plus each new guard at the gate, so that everyone supposedly knew of our situation. Strangely, no one at the gate admits to turning away a delivery. As a result we are determined to stay near the gate ourselves. Ruth started at 10 this morning and Alicia followed her. I am into my stint now sitting inside a gated complex with my computer on my lap waiting for some sort of delivery from the airline.


Readers Respond

"Perrin tells a good story...the doctor's compassion for animals and admiration for people who treat them with respect and dignity underscores each of these stories."

~ Mark Forsythe, BC Bookworld Magazine