August 10, 2016 was another day off from Olympic play for the camp followers

August10, 2016 was another day off from Olympic play for the camp followers. We had gotten back late from the game last night so no one was up and about in a big hurry to get moving this morning (Gord’s game against Brazil had not started until 10:30 PM). When I wandered through the rest of the unit at 12:30 PM today, I still found Alicia and Ruth sound asleep. Ruth had booked a trek into the jungle for her and Alicia for the 10th and when I went to bed they were still debating whether or not to get up for the 8:30 start time across the city. Little did I know, they had gotten up at 6:30 to make the trip and when they got to the designated pick up found no one there. After a considerable wait, Ruth called the company she had booked with, only to find that the trek had been cancelled because of the rainy conditions.


I will digress a bit here to mention something that I should have mentioned in yesterdays blog. Much has been made in the media about the unsafe conditions in the city of Rio. After the game ended last night, we had attempted to get an uber or taxi, but, because of the big rush coming out of the game, and the fact that the metro station next to the Oympic stadium was shut down for some reason, there was a tremendous demand for transport. We decided to walk home, and felt perfectly safe doing so at 1:30 AM in the morning. We have also not knowingly come into contact with a mosquito that could be carrying the Zika virus.


Alicia had an interesting tale about their breakfast. After finding out that their outing had been cancelled, they wandered across the street to a restaurant. When they walked in, they saw that it was a smorgasbord type of format. After picking up a plate she and Ruth loaded up and headed for a seat. The moment they sat down, and started shovelling food into their mouth, an attendant rushed over to their table and started scolding them in Portuguese. Ruth got up and went to the till thinking she was supposed to pay before they got to eat, and Alicia continued to pop another strawberry into her mouth, much to the dismay of the attendant. Little did the unsuspecting Canadians know, a smorgasbord in Brazil is paid for by weight, and every strawberry that Alicia consumed was that much weight that would come off of their final tab. They sort of figured things out, when the attendant picked up their plates and took them to a station where their plates were weighed and they were given a ticket. At the end of a meal the accumulated weight of what one piles on his plate is paid for at the till. Each time one goes for additional food or loads up on dessert, one has to weigh in, and have the total weight accumulated on the ticket. Needless to say, the duo provided considerable amusement for the other diners.


This afternoon, I went shopping alone to get the last things that I could add to my insurance claim. Our luggage has still not been delivered, and I have gotten tired of washing the same pair of under-where and socks to wear for the following day. I bought several pair of gaunch and a new carry-on in case we still never see our luggage by the 23rd. Ruth was on the phone with the airlines trying to find someone who could speak English when I left the apartment. Out predicament has become a bit of a joke with the other athlete’s families with everyone feigning surprise when we have added something different to our wardrobe.


I got a whatsapp message from Gord before I left, to suggest that he and TJ, the Canadian setter, would venture to Canada House to spend some time with their respective families. It was getting close to 5 when we left, and we had already arrived and finished eating supper when Gord arrived bearing gifts. He donated a couple pairs of socks to my cause, and the new pair of Oakley sun glasses that he had been gifted through the Canadian Olympic program. I had no idea that Oakleys were the “in” sunglasses until Alicia and Ruth pointed it out.



We had a good visit with Gord, and he brought us up to speed on all that has been happening in the Olympic village. It was interesting to get an insiders perspective on things. He is sharing a room with Blaire Bann, our team’s lebaro. I asked what the accommodations were like, and he just shrugged and said they were pretty good and he had no complaints. When I mentioned that there was lots of media about the lousy conditions that the Australians had found on their move-in, he said that Canada has had a team on site for months making sure that everything was up to snuff before the move-in. He went on to say that the trainer for the Canadian team has been to 5 Olympic villages now, and according to him, the facilities in Rio were up to par with all the others he had been to—so much for the negative press that the Brazilians were behind the 8 ball in preparations.


There was quite a lot of activity with medal displays at Canada House with lots of women displaying their bronze medallions. There were members from both the swim team and the women’s rugby “7s” here tonight.


Before Gord left, I asked him about the yellow card that he had gotten during the match with Brazil. I asked if he got the card for arguing with the ref. He replied, “no, it was for pounding on his stand with my fist!”


I wonder where he could have gotten that sort of behaviour from?