August 11, 2016...Canada vs France

August 11, 2016 started with a text that our luggage was in Rio and the airline had made two attempts to deliver it. We brought google translate messages to the management of the complex plus each new guard at the gate, so that everyone supposedly knew of our situation. Strangely, no one at the gate admits to turning away a delivery. As a result we are determined to stay near the gate ourselves. Ruth started at 10 this morning and Alicia followed her. I am into my stint now sitting inside a gated complex with my computer on my lap waiting for some sort of delivery from the airline. They have been asked repeatedly to call us ahead of time when a delivery will take place, but the message apparently doesn’t get passed down the chain of command. Here it is 1:30 and Gord’s game is at 5. Although we’d all love to wear the Canada colours that we packed for the games, it’s not likely we will. We will have to leave for the game in and hour’s time.


Life's not all bad, though. It’s hard to argue with the beauty of getting out of bed, wandering out on the street, and buying fresh mangos, papayas, oranges, and bananas for breakfast. A bowl of that mixture chopped up and smothered in lime juice is a pretty decent way of starting the morning.


Strange, that to us, France is an opponent that we would just love to beat. To Gord, although he’d dearly love dominate them is playing against Kevin Tillie, a guy with similar skill levels to his, who was one of his best friends while playing with him during his stint at Thompson River University. What a small world we live in!


We gave up on our luggage arriving before the game and brought a google translate message to the new guard at the gate, and he guaranteed us that he understood the situation and would pass the message to his replacement. We walked to the venue and arrived just after the game between Argentina and Poland had gotten under way. Both Argentina and Poland had tremendous fan support and it was a very raucous event with little for Argentina to cheer about in the first two sets.  Finally Argentina rallied and the entire place went wild with the blue colours of Argentina overwhelming the red banners of Poland. The final set was a different story ending at 37-35 for Poland. That left little time for us to wait for our match.


The game started badly for Canada, and got worse from there. It seemed that Canada just couldn’t get their game started. Gordon was pulled early in the game and never returned. Canada lost in three straight sets giving us Canadian fans very little to cheer about. When you are playing at an event like this, one has to show up to play. Last night Canada didn’t, and paid the price for it.



We had booked a supper reservation for 8 at a Brazilian restaurant not far from Canada House thinking that we could go directly from the game, but had to hang out at Canada House for a bit because the game ended so early. We had a rather subdued gathering, before returning to Canada House to watch some more events. We arrived home after midnight and guess what? Our luggage was waiting in the guard house when we got there. Canada may not have won, but we personally, were given a small victory.