August 8, 2016...a day off

Monday, August 8 was a day off for the Canadian team. Ruth, Alicia and I went to a shopping centre across from our condo and perused the facility for things they wanted to buy. Can’t say that I was overly interested in trying to look for big and tall clothes in Brazil or to buy things that just don’t fit. There’s still no word on our luggage, other than they seem to have found three bags somewhere in the world and may consider getting them to us some time in the future. I hope someone gets motivated to do something about it soon. I left all of my suppliments in my suitcase.


We went to Canada House early in the afternoon for a meet and greet with other athlete parents and friends. They had a great meal for lunch, and one of the other parents suggested that we call our credit card companies to see if there was some form of coverage on the cards we used to purchase our flights. We had a tour lined up with a company in Rio to visit the Christ the Redeemer Statue so left the event early. We were to be at one of the hotel pick up places at 2:30 so hurriedly left the meet and greet to get there on time. When we got there, thankfully, there were other people from both the US and Australia milling around and waiting for the same tour. Otherwise we may have felt that we had missed the bus, because 2:30 came and went with no sign of a grey bus that was supposed to pick us up. One woman from the US told us that there had been a comment on the internet that someone had been waiting for a 12:30 pick up for a tour and found that the bus had picked up a half hour early. That had us all wondering. It was well after 3:30 before a bus finally meandered around. The first thing the tour guide commented on, was not about being late, but to apologizing for the weather. None of us paid much attention to the fact that it was slightly overcast and just a bit on the cool side. When we got to the train that took us up on the mountain, we discovered why he was apologetic…the entire mountain was enveloped in a pea soup fog that prevented us seeing any more than about 20 feet in any direction. It was a cool decent through a jungle forest which would have been spectacular if we could have seen it. I sat next to a bobby from Britain on the ascent who said he felt right at home with this condition…it was just like what he had to deal with when walking his beat in London. When we arrived at the statue and walked to the base of it, all we could see was a great crowd of people looking at one another and craning their necks towards the sky. On one occasion everyone started chattering madly before a hush fell over the crowd, and cameras started clicking. Christ had parted the clouds so we could actually see his face. I have to admit, it was pretty cool.


After shivering for an hour (I had sweltered through the game in the gymnasium in the heat so decided to just wear my t-shirt for this event), and getting back to the train for the decent, we sat on the bus for almost 2 hours before we got to our drop off. By the time we got to Canada House again, supper was over and all that remained was a couple packages of Oreo cookies and a box of crackers. It was supposed to be smores night, but somehow a marshmallow stuffed between two crackers was not the fare I was looking for. We left for the condo early and went out for a very nice supper at one of the restaurants in the mall.


When we got back to the condo both Ruth and I called our credit card companies. I  found out that I was able to spend up to $500 to go and purchase things I needed to survive due to my missing luggage. Ruth found out that she could spend $1,000. TD Mastercard won out over Visa Platinum on that one! I have a feeling that Tuesday morning is going to be spent at the mall, with the girls deciding on how to spend Ruth’s $1.000